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Преди да попитате какъв модел климатик е необходим на помещението, в което искате да се монтира е добре да отговорите на няколко въпроса, за да имаме ясна представа за условията, с които трябва да се справя машината.
1. Какъв в видът на помещението, където ще се монтира климатикът - жилищно, офис, търговско, заведение или друго?
2. Какви са квадратурата и кубатурата на помещението?
3. Какъв е видът на дограмата, монтирана в помещението - дървена, PVC, алуминиева и видът на стъклопакета - двоен, троен, с флоатни стъкла или стъкла с покрития - К стъкло, 4-сезонно стъкло, триплекс?
4. Помещението, в което ще се монтира климатикът, има ли изолация на стени, таван - на кои има, какъв е видът й и колко е дебелината на изолацията?
5. Каква част от стената заема площта на прозорците?
6. Какво е изложението на помещението - югоизточно, южно, северозападно?
7. Какво е предназначението на помещението - кухня, спалня, хол, детска или друго?
8. На кой етаж в сградата се намира помещението - мансарда, последен етаж, първи етаж.
9. Къде ще се монтира климатика - в къща, тухлен или панелен апартамент?
10. В коя част на България - населено място, се намира сградата - в различните части на страната средногодишните температури са различни, от които се определя и вида и мощността на климатика.
11. За какво основно ще се използва климатикът - охлаждане, отопление или и двете?
12. При какви външни температури зима/лято ще трябва да работи климатикът?
13. Колко лева е определеният бюджет за закупуването на климатик?

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asics netball shoes 
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ÿþWhich shoe would you choose asics nimbus when it comes to retaining softness over time better between the Boost range and Asics' new Nimbus 17 midsole with gel?I don't run but I do walk and maybe will jog but not too much due to bad knees. I like to walk 3-4 miles at a moderate pace (3.5-4.0 mph). I love Asics but now have achilles issues and have been looking for reviews specific for that condition. I was thinking the 15's but now the 17's are seeming better. Any opinions based on experience are welcomed! I'd also look to go with another brand if experience recommends it. Thanks!I have a Nike Outlet store nearby and they had the Pegasus 30& after trying them  to me they aren't as good as the Nimbus 15  they just don't feel the same quality and harder foam.

Hi, great review. I am a 34 male, 175 lbs, and pretty fit, but I have huge feet problems. They have recently stopped hurting, almost a year, after running once outside with the 5 finger vibrant shoes. Recently, I ran outside using normal running shoes, probably, 4 asics kayano 23 years old. My left foot was in pain for 3 days, between ball of my foot and the heel, though the heels and balls of my feet hurt to if I walk for too long or run. I am looking for new shoes, would you recommend these Asics or something with huge cushioning like the NB 1080? Thanks.From discussions with friends and what I've asics running shoes read on the web, I should go for either the Asics Nimbus 17 or the New Balance 1080v5. Do you have a preference or suggestion as to which one I should go with? Furthermore, I am a size 11.5 in the Nike Pegasus 31, what will that mean for the other shoes? Thank you.

You choice of footwear (NB or Asics) depends on what you're looking for. If it is extreme softness you seek, the Nimbus 17 comes out on top. The 1080 V5 is very well cushioned and accented with responsiveness. Our go to shoe in this scenario would be the 1080 V5, but we're seen reader comments that the Nimbus 17's ride can be optimised (read less mushy) by putting in an aftermarket pair of insoles instead asics gel nimbus of the stock ones.Most of the time i have two pair of Nimbus shoes. One older type and one newer. I do this "Asics-double" for 6 years, it works good for me. For a couple of weeks i change my N15 (after 900 miles) for the N17. My N16 have an age of 550 miles. To do my track training i have Newton Gravity III. Till now a perfect combination for me. I'm thinking about another N15 or maybe another brand. The Nimbus17 are going direction Garbage Dump. Bye bye $150,00.

I love running (and I am not particularly interested in speed so much) and want a good pair of shoes that don't cost me the earth& Any recommendations?Hello there, as a novice runner I ran in the Nike Free 7.0 with flat feet that severely overpronated. After injuring myself (due to running in un supportive shoes) my podiatrist recommended orthotics for my fallen arches and pronation issue. Currently I am wearing the Asics Gel Kayano 21 with my orthotics, but feel that the engineering of this shoe plus orthocis, may cause over correcting issues within my foot. If not the Asics Gel Kayano 21, what shoe(s) do you recommend I wear with orthotics that correct a flat footed overpronator? Thank you for your time.I've tried on both the Asics Gel Cumulus 17 and the Asics Gel Nimbus 17 and both are very comfy.

The Vomero doesn't do that. I may just stick with the Saucony Ride 8, as it seems to feel the best to me. As I said on a previous post I tried the Saucony Triumph ISO 2 and was not impressed at all. Too firm for me. Thanks for your help.Was asics netball shoes hoping to get your recommendation. Looking to purchase a new pair of shoes. Currently running in Asics Cumulus 16's, which I have been happy with. I'm 6'0 and weigh 200 lbs. Neutral runner. Currently running about 25 miles a week. I plan to run a couple half marathons next year and will hopefully increase weekly mileage. Should I upgrade to the Nimbus 17's or go with something else? Slightly hesitant after reading the review and the mention that the shoe feels slow. I'm not a fast runner but would like Изображение to get faster. Currently, running a 5K in 24 minutes.

Пет Юли 24, 2020 9:28 am
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