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I guess I did not think of them as events 
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I know someone's gonna Nook Miles Ticket create the joke about the horrifying rabbit in NH technically being an event NPC, and that is the kicker--you're totally tricked into believing he is and the event would be like past AC games, just for the game to kick you in the dick and tell you to search balloons for two weeks.

The balloon events suck, but I truly dislike what they did with all the Fishing Tourney and Bug-Off. On paper, catching a lot of bugs and fish to find the gold trophy makes sense, but I don't have hours to dedicate to get 300 in the center of the afternoon. Especially in a game that's made to be played just a bit each day. And of course it's such a grind that it takes away from your pleasure.

They claimed Summer was an event (that had balloon furniture) and now we're in Fall which additionally has balloon furniture, and now I'm probably forgetting more balloon furniture that I've completely ignored.

I guess I did not think of them as events. That has just been the theme of the recipes from the balloons: Spring had bamboo-themed recipes.

Easter was ridiculous though, no arguments here.

You have summed up pretty nicely how I really feel about the match. Once I realised I didn't care about decorating my house or talking to villagers, and that's exactly what the whole match is, I gave up.

I think my changing taste in games also contributed a huge role in my lack of interest in the most AC entry, but you're correct. If you don't enjoy making the town/your home look fine there really isn't a lot to do besides complete the museum once more.

Oddly enough, the thing that I missed most about this game was the mundanity of it. I didn't play with much of the following entries, but I adored booting up that original GC game and just watering my plants, talking to my villagers, and checking the store. It was so simple and so relaxing. I'd look forward to in-game events for a complete week, or be really buy Animal Crossing Items excited when a guest NPC was on the staircase. I didn't have to do anything except be a villager, and enjoy my life.

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