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Sadly most of my buddies from RS have qui 
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I had NEVER heard of OSRS GP the term"tinderbox" until I played with RS. I had no idea ( and for me to learn later similar to you!) That iron has been an shaky source and only like ingame would occasionally fail miserably. Same with you . Because RS was my first ( and still really ) just mmorpg that I enjuoy to play I learned a lot of my existing day slang from RS. So now I know all about those"rofl" and"lol" and"noobs" that you guys talk about.

Other ideas: I think it has taught me too that a number of your frist buddies you meet will be your lifetime buddies even after. Sadly most of my buddies from RS have quit however there are still two of them I speak to everyday on Skype even if both of them do not play we've kept in touch and enjoy talking with one another! Don't make the mistake I did and leave high school never speaking to your friends again. Locate them on facebook or whatever and get back into contact with them trust me you'll feel a whole lot better! I believe somebody else mentioned this but it will teach you that life is all about regular. You simply jelly!

In addition, I do have to agree with the other comment that has been made about online gaming and parents. My parents (even if I was in high school) didn't approve of me really gaming all that much and they don't. It's something I have somewhat tried to"hide" on the years even though I am pretty sure my mother at least knows but it is my father that really tries to cut into it. You know over the years that the RS community. . .has well. . .changed a lot. I heard a lot back in the day from other associates who would be glad to talk with you when you were down, who would provide you excellent advice. W e are like. . And as sad as it may sound. . .we are like another"World of Warcraft" now solely due to the age limits that many people are. Used to, there could be several adults when compared with teens. Currently though. . .it's almost all teenagers. That isn't too say you can not find the odd bird mature.

As a"clanner" I believe one major thing the game has taught me is responsibility. Back in the day once f2p warring was enormous I've ran two different clans and have learned how leadership, management, and even from the process have discovered some html/php. Divine Locations are made with the Divination skill, and give a great deal of resources RS07 Gold extremely quickly, until you hit your everyday limit. They have extremely large XP/time and GP/time ratios, and therefore are worth doing daily.

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