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ÿþComputer, please lock the pandora rings canada doors. Suddenly behind the bar, Mindo's small head peeked out from underneath. "Um, are you sure you want to lock..." Mindo stopped when he saw Huyo in that dress... my god that dress! "the... doors?" Huyo being Huyo, she didn't react at all when Mindo appeared except to smile weakly. "Oh, I'm sorry sweetie. I just...oh, I just really didn't want anyone to see. I'm...I'm just-" (she slammed the puck) "-really-" (she slammed the puck again as it bounced back) "- really -" (she smashed the puck again even harder, panting with exertion) "FRUSTRATED!" With her final cry she blasted the puck harder still, sending it straight into the small hole that defined the goal and earning a celebratory light show.

It slid from one end to the other and back again, back and forth until... it went into Mindo's goal again. Mindo straightened and casually took off his turtleneck and tossed it onto the bar. Now he stood bare-chested in front of Huyo. "Something funny?" he asked, seeing signs of a pandora bracelet canada suppressed grin on the Deltan's face. Huyo couldn't help but laugh at his expression, holding a hand over her heart. "Oh, sweetie, you're just so cute when you're losing!" Her eyes flicked up and down Mindo's chest in clear appreciation; the Fesarian was clearly in good shape, his smooth body very well proportioned indeed. "Oh, I do see why pandora jewellery you have such a reputation onboard.

With a deliberate sensuality, Huyo then bent down slowly, emphasing the movement with her teasing slowness and only presenting her rear end to Mindo even more. Her slender hands moved to her shoes, unclipping the straps and easing her feet out of their confines one by one. Then, with that same relentless slowness, Huyo stood back up, moving gracefully back to her side of the table. "Next point," Huyo teased Mindo seductively as she took hold of her paddle and prepared to serve, "winner takes all." The serve happened fast, but Mindo stopped it and deflected back, almost getting a goal, but Huyo was to fast for that.

The puck glided pandora charms on Sale to Mindo's side with near-perfect accuracy. Mindo stopped the puck as it very nearly entered the goal. The puck was now about twenty-five percent in Mindo's goal, but the sirens hadn't gone off yet. "That was close," said Mindo. "Not close enough," Huyo answered with a confident grin, unable to resist eyeing her soon-to-be prize. Mindo was right; it was getting warm, hot even, as if the holodeck environmental systems were getting wonky. Huyo could feel her skin flush with excitement, but she forced herself to focus, paying full attention to the puck as Mindo served it... ...right off a wall and behind her puck, slamming into the goal with a satisfying thud .

Then, stopping right next to Mindo and keeping her eyes locked on his the entire time, Huyo pulled the straps of her dress over her shoulders. The entire garment was now only remaining in place thanks to friction and Huyo's ample bosom, looking for all the world as if it would fall off at even the slightest touch or movement. "My sweet Mindo..." Huyo murmured, recognising and relishing his response to her, feeling her own body quicken. It was requiring a considerable effort to stay her hand, to stay entirely still and build up that wonderful tension even further. The loud, garish arcade machines around them faded into nothing around Huyo and Mindo, as if they were locked in their own private little universe.

"That was good." He breathed a bit more. Feeling her sweaty back press against pandora disney charms the cold plastic, Huyo laughed breathlessly. "That is...an understatement," she replied, her breathing steadily slowing back down. She peeked at the arcade around them and laughed again. "Do humans even know how well these places work for this?" Mindo laughed. "Where do you think the term 'High Score' originated?" He breathed a little more, his breath beginning to slow down as his heart caught up. "I'll have to wipe off the Air Hockey table... and the pinball table." "And this table, whatever you call it," Huyo commented with a grin, Изображение turning on her side to look at Mindo directly.

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