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Преди да попитате какъв модел климатик е необходим на помещението, в което искате да се монтира е добре да отговорите на няколко въпроса, за да имаме ясна представа за условията, с които трябва да се справя машината.
1. Какъв в видът на помещението, където ще се монтира климатикът - жилищно, офис, търговско, заведение или друго?
2. Какви са квадратурата и кубатурата на помещението?
3. Какъв е видът на дограмата, монтирана в помещението - дървена, PVC, алуминиева и видът на стъклопакета - двоен, троен, с флоатни стъкла или стъкла с покрития - К стъкло, 4-сезонно стъкло, триплекс?
4. Помещението, в което ще се монтира климатикът, има ли изолация на стени, таван - на кои има, какъв е видът й и колко е дебелината на изолацията?
5. Каква част от стената заема площта на прозорците?
6. Какво е изложението на помещението - югоизточно, южно, северозападно?
7. Какво е предназначението на помещението - кухня, спалня, хол, детска или друго?
8. На кой етаж в сградата се намира помещението - мансарда, последен етаж, първи етаж.
9. Къде ще се монтира климатика - в къща, тухлен или панелен апартамент?
10. В коя част на България - населено място, се намира сградата - в различните части на страната средногодишните температури са различни, от които се определя и вида и мощността на климатика.
11. За какво основно ще се използва климатикът - охлаждане, отопление или и двете?
12. При какви външни температури зима/лято ще трябва да работи климатикът?
13. Колко лева е определеният бюджет за закупуването на климатик?

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Anyone reading this that invested $10 to $100 why 
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Since sports Madden NFL are attached to consoles, they generally have better over the course of a console's lifespan (NHL's first PS4/xbone variant hardly capable to be considered within an alpha state) as they are literally only building off the previous version. It is an extremely flawed idea. Fewer sales means smaller dev teams and less resources. Better Madden NFL are spawned by Madden 21 coins contest, and you require a marketplace for competition. Therefore a game kind (hockey) that already wasn't as popular, for a game that is, at least in the US, is not as popular did not find a bump in sales? Shocker. You can't blanket statement that. EA has every reason on earth to hang onto the Madden and FIFA franchises because their microtransaction models are what makes up a large proportion of the income ($1 Billion only in the microtransactions in one quarter for example).

Additionally they have a corner on these franchises. If the amount of copies they sell drops then they risk upsetting the companies they have a contract with (NFL for example), and their stockholders. They can't manage to observe those businesses dip in earnings or earnings if they wish to keep ahead of companies such as Activision. Case in point is the way they are handling the Battlefield series. They had DICE on a yearly rotation with Battlefield and Battlefront, both BF2 and BF5 flopped hard, and what's happening? They are giving DICE almost 2-3 years from the launch of BF5 to do BF6 due to the collapse of their preceding Madden NFL.

Sports Madden NFL are so stupid nowadays, they shouldn't be annual releases in any respect. Release one match every 3-4 years using new features / enhancements. At the mean time, launch a roster change limitation (or even as dlc) which you can toggle to use. Boom done. They would probably con a couple more folks in their shitty microtransactions this way, but as it's the whales who spend tens of thousands every year on exactly the exact same game are simply too great to actually do something which is logical. Plus you'd miss out on charging people $60 for a roster change with barely any changes. Oh yeah, just get people not to buy one the hottest, money making game franchises. The game will be bought by 100 without question, for 1 person here not purchasing it.

From my perception, and I have hardly any. Only a couple YouTube permit renewal news and rants. NFL would fall the contract if sales during the next 3 to 5 years drop. Meaning devs can discharge NFL Madden NFL.I believe you already understand this and are saying how can we stop them from buying Madden for five years? And that, I don't know. I played with the one published on PC a couple of years ago for a month. All I bought was the origin pass. I would never spend a dollar I paid $60 for. Does not make much sense. People are dumb.

Anyone reading this that invested $10 to cheap Mut 21 coins $100 why? Because you work speed up game? Single play with gameplay? Idk how they operate in Madden. But even if it's only a half hour work for you to obtain a micro trade or chump change since you're wealthy, would not you rather have NFL street 2K 25 with mad images and crazy fun gameplay and other NFL, more realistic and graphic in 10 years than Madden will ever be?

Нед Авг 02, 2020 4:25 am
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